Why Andrew and Aaron Harrison Are More Important Recruits Than Jabari Parker
September 29, 2012​

There is simply no debating Jabari Parker's talent.  We're not sure you'll find a list anywhere that does not have him at the top of the Class of 2013. He's a special, multi-skilled young man and whichever school lands him is in for some great basketball come the 2013-2014 season.  However, is he the most important recruit of this year's senior class?  I say, no. If I were out on the recruiting trail this season, I would wish all the coaches chasing Jabari Parker the best of luck. Then, I would park my truck in Richmond, Texas and wouldn't leave until I had Andrew and Aaron Harrison committed to come to my school next year. And that is just what Kentucky's John Calipari, Maryland's Mark Turgeon and SMU's Larry Brown did. 

​​At 6'5", 210 lbs each (with only 7% body fat), the twins, out of Travis High School, may be the best prep backcourt in a long time. This dynamic duo, with Andrew running the point and Aaron playing the off guard, gives any college in the country instant ability to reach the Final Four immediately.  So, the question is: would you rather the nation's top ranked player, or the two top guards in the country?  As good as Jabari Parker is, its almost impossible to turn down a backcourt like Andrew and Aaron Harrison.

​​​​With Andrew, the nation's top play-maker, you get a silky smooth, heady point guard who is a team quarterback and second coach on the floor.  He can make the great pass, take it to the hole at will, or pull up and drain it from deep if the defender decides to give him a step.  At 6'5", Andrew also has the ability to post up smaller guards and even defend the opposing team's small forward, if needed. ​​ With Aaron, you get instant offense.  A two-guard that can stick it from deep - real deep - or slash to the basket and finish strong. Andrew says of Aaron, "He's the best scorer in the country." That's not just brotherly love talking.  Aaron can also handle the ball and distribute better than most lead guards, making him one heck of a "back-up" point guards.

The Harrison family, led by their father, Aaron Harrison, Sr., are a close knit bunch, recently participating in a family teleconference to discuss the boys' college options. The list as it stands now, has Kentucky and Maryland in the lead, with SMU a distant third. The boys are all set to make their decision on Thursday, October 4th at 5:00 p.m. on ESPNU. Good luck.
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