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NEW YORK, New York - ​​​​A few months ago I came up with a little index to try and measure point guard efficiency. It was sparked by an overall debate about who the best PG in the league was, following a comment in an interview by John Wall that he was the league’s finest lead guard. I said back then that you can debate “who’s the best” forever. It’s a matter of opinion supported by your own values of what makes a player of that position, well, the best. With that being said, I set out to devise a formula, based upon a player’s statistics and his team’s winning percentage. Since that time, I’ve revised that formula a number of times to more accurately reflect “efficiency.” But before we talk about the components of the PG Index, let’s define efficiency ... MORE HERE
NEW YORK, New York - ​​I usually don’t delve into topics unrelated to basketball because, well, we’re StraightHoops. But being as it is the dead season for basketball right now, I thought I’d move astray for a cross-related topic. As the world is enamored with all of the drama currently occurring within the NFL with the drug suspensions, Ray Rice, and now Adrian Peterson and Jonathan Dwyer, it made me begin to think about what a bad place the NFL is currently in, especially in comparison to the NBA ... MORE HERE