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Okay, this needs to be discussed immediately. Duke did not win the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship because of missed calls, or bad calls, or biased referees. Or because the NCAA, or CBS for that matter, wanted Duke to win because Duke generates better ratings than any other program in the country. Duke beat Wisconsin last night because Duke executed down the stretch when it mattered, and Wisconsin did not. Were there some bad calls? Yes. Were there some missed calls? Yes. But there were bad calls and missed calls going both ways most of the game. There were bad calls and missed calls most of the tournament. Biased referees didn’t set screens for Grayson Allen to help him go off for 10 points in less than 8 minutes in the 2nd half. Missed calls didn’t help Tyus Jones bury that three from the top of the key with 1:24 left to play ... MORE HERE
Sports debates. I love them. They're great, right? The best team ever. The best shooter ever. The best backcourt in the league. The best big man. They can go on forever – and they usually do. That’s why I love them. Right now, the hottest debate is this season’s NBA MVP. Is it the Houston Rockets’ James Harden? The Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry? Or perhaps the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook? It’s a great argument because strong cases can be made for each of these guys. Curry is the best player on the best team. Harden is leading the league in scoring (27.6 ppg) and his team is 53-25. Westbrook has recorded 11 triple-doubles so far this season ... MORE HERE