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The majority of the headlines over the last few days of the NBA Playoffs have been about the Golden State Warriors, and the injury to their star guard, Stephen Curry. Here's another one. But this one is a little more upbeat than most of the stories that you have probably been reading, which are focusing on how hard it is going to be for the Dubs to get back to the NBA Finals with Curry having to miss at least two weeks with a grade 1 MCL sprain. This article focuses on the bright side of things as they currently stand in the NBA. You can call this the "glass half full" article of the Stephen Curry injury ... MORE HERE
Game 1 of the much anticipated Second Round series between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs was anything but competitive. The Spurs blitzed the Thunder, punching them square in the mouth in the 1st Quarter of tonight's matchup, effectively setting the tone for not only the remainder of tonight's game, but maybe the series as a whole. The Spurs' defense swarmed OKC stars Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant all night long, making every dribble drive a dead end, and every shot an exhausting effort. At times, it felt as if the Spurs had seven players on the court at all times as each touch by KD and Westbrook was met with a stiff double team. The game was effectively over by halftime, as the Spurs held an overwhelming 73-40 lead at the break ... MORE HERE