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LEXINGTON, Kentucky - Don't let the title of this article fool you. I am by no means suggesting that Kentucky has a chance to run the table this season. I'm a strong advocate of the "that will never happen again" school of thought. What I am really asking is, come March, when everyone has moved past their own seasonal road bumps, and when the bright lights are on, will someone have the size, the speed, the length, the depth ... the talent, to stop Kentucky?​ ... MORE HERE
NEW YORK, New York - This was not supposed to happen. They have Derek Fisher as their new coach. They have Phil Jackson, the zen master with 11 rings, running their organization. They re-signed Carmelo Anthony to a monstrous deal. And they’re running "The Triangle Offense" for Christ's sake! The Triangle! So why are the New York Knicks 3-10 right now with losses to the Pistons, Magic, Jazz, Hawks (twice), Bucks and Timberwolves? Not exactly the Murderer's Row of early season scheduling, right? And things are not looking any brighter in the near future. On November 24th the Knicks embark on a road trip that includes games against the Rockets, Mavericks, and Thunder, and then they come home to face the Heat, Nets and Cavaliers, and then bounce back and forth to play at the Hornets, home against the Trail Blazers, at the Pelicans and at the Spurs. Huh? Realistically, on December 12th, with the way the Knicks are playing right now, they could find themselves 4-20. Season over. Didn't see this coming did you Knicks fans? Why not?​ ... MORE HERE