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There has been a lot of blowback with the Knicks’ selection of Latvian PF Kristaps Porzingis in the 1st Round of last week’s NBA Draft. None more so than the purported dissatisfaction of Knicks’ star Carmelo Anthony. Various reports have surfaced since draft night reporting that Anthony, who last summer signed a 5 year, $124M+ deal with the Knickerbockers, feels “betrayed” by the selection of Porzingis with the 4th overall pick. This so-called portrayal being based upon a promise made to Anthony when he re-signed last year that the Knicks were devoted to winning immediately. Supposedly, Melo and his camp feel that the Knicks’ selection of Porzingis does not further the goal of winning in the immediate future, since the young 7-footer is viewed as more of a 2-3 year project ... MORE HERE
With the Class of 2015 just about completely wrapped up and headed off to their respective campus of choice, and with 1/3 of the July 2015 evaluation period over as of last Sunday, it is time to move on to the Class of 2016. And, oh my, what a class it is. From elite guards, to top quality bigs. From sharp shooters, to uber talented wings. The Class of 2016 is loaded. L-O-A-D-E-D. Did I say loaded?

Let’s start with the latest 5-star commitment, SF Jayson Tatum (Chaminade College Prep/St. Louis, MO) , who committed to Duke following his semi-finals game at Sunday’s Peach Jam. ​​​ ... MORE HERE